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Monday, 21 January 2013

"Hourglass" Pose Pack 1

My first ever pose pack is here!
These are some random poses, that I use in my story "Hourglass" that I co-write with Dawn Turner and Addy McKnight. Check it out in my "Stories" section!

There 10 poses in this pack, and they can be used singularly, or some (like Pose 8 and 9) and can be used together. Feel free to do anything!
So, here they are! 

Pose 1: Bride walking down the aisle

Pose 2: Bride admiring self in mirror

Pose 3: Someone waiting for something

Pose 4: The witch starts floating and shows her powers

Pose 5: Dodging something, while holding a sword

Pose 6: Sitting on knees while crying

Pose 7: Bending over while crying

Pose 8: Shooting energy or fire while floating.

Pose 9: Thrown back by something

  Pose 10: Floating victoriously and powerfully

 The Pose Pack is Pose List compatible, so enjoy! For those who want the codes instead, check the picture, or here is a list:

Download link:
Sword for Pose 5 can be found here

Hope you enjoy them! Thanks for visiting, and stay tune for my next pose pack: House of Night!
~Skylar Arden~


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Thank you!
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