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Monday, 6 May 2013

"Zutara: Broken" Pose Pack 2

Hey all! Today I bring you the "Zutara: Broken" Pose Pack, which is number 2 in my series of "Zutara" poses. Zutara is the contraction of Zuko and Katara, a couple that I support in the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender.

This pose pack is all about the broken hearted, couples that are mad at each other, or a couple trying to support each other through some bad times. This pack contains 8 poses, 4 coupled. 

Poses 1 & 2

Poses 3 & 4

Poses 5 & 6

Poses 7 & 8

These Poses are Pose List Compatible!!
Here are the Pose names:

Download here

Thank you for your time! My next Pose Pack will be released somewhere this week!
Happy Simming!

~Skylar Arden~


Sorry for my long absence from pose making, I've been cramming for exams and all those yucky things no one likes! But my next Pose Pack will be up soon - Zutara: Broken, Pose Pack 2. It's the sequel to my previous Zutara pose pack, which consists of only couple poses.

So keep your eyes pealed for my next post which will come with 4 new couple poses! (8 poses in total)

Sorry again! I'll keep you guys posted!

~Skylar Arden, the Creator